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Conference Room 023

Conference calls

We now have the capacity for making conference calls. A Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G is used for this purpose. Network point A-2165 in conference room 023 is activated and configured to accept the IP phone. The Phone has to be connected on the ISS network and currently this is the only place where it can be connected. The user guide for making conference calls can be found here

Accepting / Making calls

The Number to dial from outside is 2289-4459.

If calling from somewhere on the campus please dial 4459.

To call anywhere on campus use the 4-digit extension number of the person you are calling.

To call from this phone either a local or an international number dial 9 first.

nsc 15:31, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

Teleconferencing Room 120

Teleconference calls

Meetings room #120 on the first floor wing B, of building 12 has now teleconferencing capabilities. A Tandberg 550 system is used in the room along with a 32" LCD LG monitor model 32LP1R. The system is currently IP based and can only call or accept calls to/from other IP based teleconferencing systems. The IP of our system is and when it is ON it is set to auto answer with the local miscrophone muted.

The operation of the teleconferencing unit is very simple and the basics can be learned in about 10 minutes by reading the File:D1338801 TANDBERG Short User Manual-english.pdf

The monitor can also be used for presentations from laptops in the place of a projector. In order to use it this way, the user has to connect the laptop to the VGA cable available on the desk where the monitor is and select the DVI/PC input from the input menu on the monitor. To use the Tandberg system the monitor input should be switched to AV3