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A project is under way to find the most convenient method to monitor and manage the many systems we have. An installation of Nagios is now active and can be found at CS-Nagios. The objectives of the monitoring system are:

  • centrally monitor systems and services running on them
  • notify individuals responsible for machines (ex. labs) of problems in their domain.

Nagios Current Status

The Nagios system is already active and can do the followin:

  • monitor hosts (any host on the network)
  • monitor some services on the hosts (for example it can monitor HP LJ printers and retrive messages from them)

Syslog Status

Systems Installs

triton | arion

Client Installs

This section describes the necessary steps and install required to allow monitoring of clients from the Nagios system.


For Linux install to enable monitoring look here


We are currently experimenting with he NSClient++ software for monitoring WIndows systems from the the Nagios monitor.