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Linux is extensively used in the Department for both teaching purposes (Linux Lab) and for infrustructure build-up. Many of the servers at the Departement use Linux as their operating system. We have standardized on the so called "RedHat style" Linux systems. While we have both Fedora and CentOS based systems we trying to phase out Fedora in prefernece to CentOS. CentOS offers better maintanance options and lifecycle support.

In here we provide some information on how to configure and work with RedHat style Linux systems.

It must be mentioned that Linux has become so stable and feature rich that it can effectively replace the Windows platform if desired.

It should be expected that:

  • we will maintain several versions (2-3) of the CentOS distribution for operations
  • we will maintain our own central support/upgrade and installation server

More details are provided in the documents below.

and from the main support site.